Lillian Boutté 
sings Louis Armstrong

"You`ve Gotta Love Pops"

Lillian Boutté vocal
Thomas l´Etienne clarinet
Michael Gillett piano
Denny Ilett jr. guitar
Andy Crowdy bass, congas
Søren Frost drums, tamborine 
Christian Willisohn piano 
( track 6 and 7 ) 


Cover ABH 2005 2

"You`ve Gotta Love Pops"
A musical revue dedicated to Louis Armstrong by Thomas l´Etienne

The world is not only about to enter a new millenium, it is also going to celebrate the hundredth birthday of an artist whose influance on modern music is without comparison: The great Louis Armstrong. This musical revue is an hommage to this wonderful man, his life and his art.

We will start our journey with Louis Armstrongs early days in New Orleans recapturing the magic of a city full of myths, legends and a new music called jazz. We follow Louis to Chicago, where his performances with King Oliver start to establish his reputation as the new king of this music.

The show pays a respectful tribute to his work with the blues singers, such as Bessie Smith and Alberta Hunter, Louis´ historic Hot Five and Hot Seven recordings, his times with Luis Russel in New York to the formation of the All Stars in the late fourties and Louis' world wide success that finally made him "Ambassador Satch". It features many of Louis' great songs and original songs especially composed for the show.

As it is a well established fact that there is only one Satchmo, this musical revue is not paying its tribute to the outstanding musician of the 20th century by trying to copy his musical style. All participating musicians name Louis Armstrong as their main musical inspiration, and, like so many other artists, they have all learned different lessons from this unique teacher. Respectfully and with great stylistical instinct they interpret their hero's music in their own way.

The show is starring Lillian Boutté, New Orleans' official music ambassador and one of today's most exciting jazz, blues and gospel singers, Lillian grew up with Louis Armstrong's music, and Pops' strong influence on her artistic work can be felt in every note she sings. Like only very few artists Lillian has understood Louis' philosophy that music is supposed to communicate with the audience. 

Lillian and the band under the musical direction of her husband, Thomas l'Etienne want to show their audience in a most entertaining way that nearly every note you can hear today can be traced back to this one genius, a man that his fellow musicians called "Pops". Get ready for an exciting musical journey through the wonderful world of Louis Daniel Armstrong.


  1. When It´s Sleepytime Down South
  2. The Boy From New Orleans
  3. C´est Si Bon
  4. Swing That Music
  5. Buddy Bolden Blues
  6. Black Benny
  7. Farewell To Storyville
  8. Ole Man Mose
  9. If We Never Meet Again
  10. Someday You´ll Be Sorry
  11. Beale Street Blues
  12. Mack The Knife
  13. High Society Calypso
  14. What A Wonderful World.