Christian Willisohn
& Lillian Boutté

"Come Together"

Christian Willisohn
piano, guitar, vocal

Lillian Boutté

recorded 1997


Cover ABH 2002 2

Once again, Lillian Boutté and Christian Willisohn star together in the classic vocal/piano-duo format.
There are a number of good reasons for the powerful affinity between the internationally popular New Orleans chanteuse and the renowned Munich pianist and singer with a style deeply steeped in the blues. For a start, there is the success of their first album, Lipstick Traces, recorded in 1991 in New Orleans and released on Enja Records. Then there are the duo's countless live performances that have just cried out for another collaboration in the studio.
Lillian Boutté, who after Louis Armstrong is only the second artist ever to have been named "New Orleans Music Ambassador" by her home town, has mastered an impressive array of singing styles, including jazz, blues, soul and gospel. Christian Willisohn, who genuinely feels and has mastered every facet of "black" music, is a perfect foil for Lillian.
Come Together, the new CD by Lillian Boutté and Christian Willisohn, is a very personal interpretation of some of the duo's favorite music.

Manfred Roth

  1. No One
  2. Gee Baby
  3. Come Together
  4. I Got It Bad
  5. Thibodeaux Twister
  6. I Wish I Could Be Free
  7. Fourty Four Blues
  8. You´ve Got A Friend
  9. Please Send Me Someone To Love
  10. No Mission But You
  11. Get Right Church
  12. Laughing On The Outside.